Amasya University which accepts the academic freedom as a universality of science is a State University established in 2006. The history of the university goes back to 1974, when a teacher training institution was established in Amasya by the Ministry of Education. In 1975, the Ministry of Education also founded a vocational school in Amasya.

In 1982 when the Higher Education Council was established, these two schools became units of Ondokuz Mayıs University in Samsun.

University has associate, bachelor (BA), master (MA) and doctor’s (PHD) degrees as well as lifelong learning programs at levels and it continuously advances with new programs which provide employment after graduation. Now ,our university educates students through seven faculties, including Education, Sciences & Arts, Architecture, Technology,  Health, Divinity and Medical; school of foreign languages  ; five vocational schools (Amasya, Merzifon, Taşova, Suluova and Gümüşhacıköy); and three institutes (Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences)

Our mission is to make our university a model and leader in research, learning, health and education without compromising ethical and scientific values. We also produce informed people who can contribute to the culture, arts, health and economy of our country.

Our university strives to take its place among the universities of the world in the fields of art, science, leadership, education without compromising fundamental values. The university prides itself on its academic, technological and cultural successes in the region and in the international arena while keeping the historical mission of the city of Amasya in mind.

 Located in the region of Middle Black Sea, Amasya is founded on the slopes of Mt. Harşena in  Yeşilırmak Valley. With its over 7000 year historical background it became a capital of a kingdom, trained scientists, artists, poets, and became a training city for sultan's sons. First steps of the Independence War of Turkey also took place in Amasya. Along with these historical and cultural richness, Amasya especially takes attention with Yalıboyu houses constructed along the shore of Yeşilırmak. Amasya is an antic city where history and nature mingles and where one can see the best marble apples, cherries, peaches and okras of the world. People can reach easily through highways, railway and air. It is possible to arrive to Amasya by bus from all cities of Turkey. Amasya-Merzifon Airport is 45 km. away from city center. Amasya is on the route of Sivas-Samsun railway. If the Seaway is preferred; Samsun is 120 km. away from Amasya.

 The University which educates nearly 16 000 students offers many facilities to our students. The students attending to Amasya University do not have any accommodation problems. There are dormitories for girls and boys under the control of General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution and there are also many private dormitories for students. And there are seven different campus cafeterias which offer cheap and quality food. The foods are prepared under the control of dieticians. There is a central library which has printed and electronic equipment to contribute to academic studies for both   students and the Academic staff. Library is subscriber of many national and international e- books, journals and other published materials and the volume of subscribing increases day by day related to the demands of academicians, researches and students. Amasya University also offers free internet service in all campuses. The University is a member of “eduroam” which provides opportunity to connect with the other international “eduroam” member institutions. In the University there are students’ clubs which serve for the students’ interests and give them opportunity for their self-development and there is Health Center to facilitate the social lives of academic, administrative staff and public in Amasya.

Amasya University aims to become an internationally known University with its scientific recourses and qualified Education. So International Relations Unit was established to promote International student and academic staff mobility. International Relations Office signed agreements with Erasmus+ which takes place in European Union, Mevlana Exchange Programme includes all countries apart from European Union Members. This unit also gives opportunity for mobility within Turkish Universities with Farabi Exchange Programme.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, The Distance Education and Application Center started its academic activities. It carries on its activites with an Innovative and dynamic staff and with its fast and practical web portal. The Distance Education Research and Application Center serves all Education programmes towards the completion of license, post graduate and doctorate programmes.

The purpose of Amasya University is to train students regarding the necessity of society and make them well-equipped individuals.